Farm Safety

Simple and effective two way text and email communications and SOS from anywhere on your farm, no matter how remote. ZOLEO enables next generation farm safety and is also great for remote leisure such as hunting and fishing.

Every year in Australia there are over 3000 Farm-Related injuries. It takes A Huge Toll On Farms, Families, And The Rural Community Whenever A Farm Worker Is Hurt On The Job.

A ZOLEO Device Lets You Access SOS Help From Anywhere On Your Farm.



with ZOLEO

ZOLEO, for wherever you go.

Transform the way you approach on farm safety. Being out on farm doesn’t have to mean being out of touch. ZOLEO works with your smartphone to provide seamless global messaging, allowing you to be connected, and safe in even the most remote corner of your farm.

Powered by the Iridium LEO satellite network with coverage anywhere in Australia.

For $345*, ZOLEO ensures peace of mind, knowing there is always communications on hand for your family and farmworkers.
*Plans available from $35/month

"My son goes hunting on the remote areas of our farm and as a mum, ZOLEO brings me a tremendous sense of relief knowing he can send me a location drop along the way. I can message him back and he can alert emergency services if anything goes wrong"

Louise, Mackenzie high country farmer, and ZOLEO user.