Farm Connectivity

Reliable voice and data communications over your whole farm. Our Connectivity Hubs provide a range of fence to fence coverage options for all types of farms

Connected Farms understands that farmers need connectivity where they spend most of their time – out in their fields - and have developed a range of solutions that do just that.

Smart Farm Hub

Our Smart Farm Hub provides a connectivity layer over your farm capable of supporting IoT infrastructure to capture data from sensors that transmit smaller amounts of data, such as soil probes, water infrastructure monitoring, farm management devices and lower level robotic functions.


Connected Farms Hub

A Connected Farms Hub is true high speed mobile broadband connectivity solution over your farmland. Enabling all levels of agtech and autonomous smart farming applications across your farm operation. In addition to your operational farm needs, the Connected Farms Hub can also provide connectivity to the farmhouse, farm office and outlying sheds on the property.

This solution also enables voice and mobile data uses as well as the functions of the Smart Farm Hub and also enables data intensive robots (typically agrobots are using 0.5 to 2Gb per bot per day) and more intensive precision farming functions.


Farming Precinct Hub

If you farm in an area that lacks connectivity, a Farming Precinct Hub can offer you and your neighbouring farms, the opportunity to achieve mobile broadband coverage over your combined land areas. With all the functionality of the Connected Farms Hub solution – this can be with a single tower but is more often with multiple towers to ensure coverage reaches out to the edges of the farming precinct. Because of the economies of scale this is a very effective solution allowing shared equipment, to be used over the entire precinct seamlessly.


Like to know more about connectivity over your farmland?

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